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5 Reasons to Hire a Small Business and Corporate Lawyer

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5 Reasons to Hire a Small Business and Corporate LawyerNaperville and Aurora Entrepreneur and Business Attorney

Small Business and Llc Lawyer in Dupage County

Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC concentrate in the areas of entrepreneurship, small to medium-sized business law, partnership and LLC law, and the purchase and sale of a business law.  Sean Robertson is a graduate of DePaul University College of Law and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Sean Robertson is a thirteen (13) year experienced entrepreneur and business attorney for small to medium-sized businesses, start-up and mature companies, and franchises.

Five (5) Reasons Small Business Owners Should Hire a Business Lawyer

The first reason is employee issues.  Most business owners in the Naperville area either have an employee or independent contractor(s).  Deciding whether a person should be an employee or independent contractor is an important decision.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC can assist you in making these important business decisions.  An experienced business attorney can counsel you on the risks involved with classifying your workers either as an employee or independent contractor.  Tax issues are vital issues and must be taken seriously.

The second reason a small business owner should hire an attorney is for business advice.  Sean Robertson is an experienced business and entrepreneur.  Sean Robertson is an entrepreneur like his clients.  Sean Robertson understands how business decisions must be made.  Every business owner needs an objective business advisor to gain business advice from.  

The third reason is to draft and review contracts.  Drafting contracts are essential and bad contracts lead to lawsuits.  A business lawyer can help you draft your standard business contracts for customers, employees, and suppliers.  You also should have a contingency and asset protection plan in case of a lawsuit or a business dispute.

The fourth reason is to review your commercial real estate leases and help you properly structure business real estate.  Often, entrepreneurs and business owners fail to understand the importance of commercial real estate leases including your key rights and responsibilities.  A bad business decision can affect your profitability and/or put you out of business.  Furthermore, many business owners that purchase commercial real estate own their commercial building under the same corporation or Limited Liability Corporation as their business.  This is a major mistake because an issue with your business could ruin your business.

The fifth reason is your business attorney should be patient and a good teacher.  Entrepreneurs and business owners should learn how to think from their business and corporate lawyer and how to ask key legal questions.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC teach their small to medium-sized business clients in Naperville, Oswego, and Aurora how to make key legal decisions and when you should consult your business and corporate advisor.

The sixth reason is when a lawsuit has arisen or may arise.  Often, small business owners and entrepreneurs seek business advice after a situation has arisen.  This is often a mistake because preparation and planning are critical to avoiding lawsuits and being prepared in case of a lawsuit.  Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC help their clients properly structure their business and have a solid asset protection plan in case of a lawsuit or creditor issue.

Naperville and Oswego Entrepreneur and Family Business Attorney

Kendall County and DuPage County Business Advisor and Business Lawyer

In conclusion, Sean Robertson and Robertson Legal Group, LLC are Naperville and Plainfield area corporate and LLC attorneys.  Sean Robertson is an experienced and passionate entrepreneur that loves assisting small to medium-sized business owners follow their passion.  Sean Robertson may be reached at 630-780-1034 or via our online contact form.

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